Vicarious Liability for Copyright Infringement

If you do not know about or understand vicarious liability and you hired someone to create website content, keep reading. There’s a general tendency for people to believe that he or she is not liable for acts he or she did not commit.  By and large that’s true, but vicarious liability is an exception where […]

Risks of Posting Online Workouts Open To The Public

If you post workouts to a website, are you as publisher potentially liable if a visitor to your website injures himself or herself during the workout? This is an important question if you run a health or fitness website. It’s actually something you should think about before you run into any problems. The short answer […]

FTC Spanks Skechers, Consumers Get Refunds

Skechers Will Pay $40 Million to Settle FTC Charges That It Deceived Skechers’ advertising campaign involving four shoes (Shape-Ups, Resistance Runners, Toners, Tone-ups) is a stark reminder (or learning point) to fitness and training entrepreneurs about the importance of not making unfounded claims lest you desire to have the Federal Trade Commission breathing down your […]