Copyright Registration and Statutory Damages – Timing Is Everything

Typically, one thinks of copyright as the © symbol ever present in books, music and movies. The copyright symbol is also commonly seen at the bottom of web pages, such as this one, along with a year and something to the effect of “All Rights Reserved.” But what exactly does copyright protect anyway? My services […]

Riding Coattails Is A Bad Idea.

The recent Under Armour complaint against Body Armor could not be better timing for my first substantive post.  A behemoth fitness and training apparel company pitted up against a beverage company with an upstart sports drink.  What’s clear from the complaint is that Under Armour has invested serious resources and time into building its brand […]

Why Should I Read The Legal Supplement? And What The Legal Supplement Is Not

This should be a question that you ask yourself.  You’re busy and you want to know whether information on this site will add value to your business.  And reading a legal blog surely isn’t pleasure reading.  I get it.  My time is limited as well.  But good blogs are a rich source of information.  For […]