Why Should I Read The Legal Supplement? And What The Legal Supplement Is Not

This should be a question that you ask yourself.  You’re busy and you want to know whether information on this site will add value to your business.  And reading a legal blog surely isn’t pleasure reading.  I get it.  My time is limited as well.  But good blogs are a rich source of information.  For this reason I dedicate an hour or so reading a number of different blogs.  It’s crucial for the development of my legal practice.  A few of the benefits that I’ve experienced include increasing my awareness of particular issues, triggering the creative process and picking up different strategies that I use in my own practice.

So, a goal in creating The Legal Supplement is to be a rich source of information for fitness and training entrepreneurs.  Awareness of certain steps that can be taken and mishaps to avoid, can make a world of difference to your business.  I hope the site develops a reputation as a “good blog,” offers a robust dialogue and provides you with the value that justifies spending time on the site.  And I have no doubt that this experience will only enhance my legal career.

But The Legal Supplement is not a substitute for hiring a lawyer.  Information contained on The Legal Supplement is for educational purposes only and is not legal advice.  And the information should not be relied upon by a reader to resolve a particular legal issue.  The Legal Supplement provides only a general and broad discussion of different legal issues and topics.  Every specific legal issue or case significantly depends on the unique facts and circumstances.  So relying upon a general and broad discussion of legal issues and topics, without hiring a lawyer to factor in and consider the unique facts and circumstances, is a recipe for disaster.

Whether you found The Legal Supplement through Google, heard about it through a business contact or merely stumbled here by typing ” the legal supplement” into your browser in your quest for a (legal) performance enhancing cocktail, I hope The Legal Supplement adds value to your business.  I also hope that you spread the word.

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