A Legal Blog for Fitness and Training Entrepreneurs

The Legal Supplement is a blog dedicated to helping fitness and training entrepreneurs become aware of different legal issues and concerns, which as business owners, will most likely be faced in one shape or form and at one point or another.  While many of the blog topics are applicable to most businesses, The Legal Supplement will analyze and discuss these issues and concerns in the fitness and training industry context.  So whether your business is running a gym, offering personal training services, sport specific skill development, an athletic apparel company, designing and manufacturing training equipment, selling nutritional supplements, developing fitness related software or apps, or any other type of business venturing into the fitness and training industry, our hope is that The Legal Supplement helps you navigate the legal pitfalls.

Paul Ticen, is the creator and author of The Legal Supplement.  Paul Ticen is a trademark, licensing and business lawyer based in Chandler, Arizona.  And a founding partner of the firm McFadden Ticen & Beam. Paul is currently licensed in Arizona state court and federal court for the District of Arizona.  He has also represented clients in federal court in California, Nevada and Pennsylvania.  Paul Ticen’s practice is a blend of transactional and litigation, with a specific focus on trademark, copyright, licensing agreements, internet law and commercial/business.  Paul enjoys the transactional side because of the deal making component and to help clients either avoid litigation or at least put them in a position of strength. Paul enjoys litigation because of the competitive process and the strategy involved.  But litigation is tough on business owners for many different reasons.  Paul Ticen’s objective is to offer clients practical legal advice to assist in building their business, protect business assets and investments, to help avoid unnecessary litigation, but litigating when there’s no alternative.  Being practical, objective and fair are attributes that clients frequently mention and appreciate about Paul Ticen.

Paul Ticen’s legal experience is diverse.  Paul has successfully defended businesses from personal injury lawsuits, represented businesses and licensed professionals before administrative boards, prosecuted trademark infringement and breach of contract claims and represented clients accused of copyright infringement.  Paul has analyzed, drafted and negotiated contracts and licensing agreements, website terms of use and privacy policies, filed trademark and copyright applications, as well as simply providing general business guidance.

Paul Ticen is focusing The Legal Supplement on the fitness and training industry due to his respect for entrepreneurs who choose this path and the impact that fitness and training plays in my life.  The Legal Supplement is designed to be diverse and flexible.  The content is designed to discuss a wide array of topics, ranging from legal developments, common legal issues faced by business owners, practical suggestions to protect your business, interviewing fitness and training entrepreneurs from a broad cross-section of the industry.  Paul encourages readers to connect with The Legal Supplement and if there are any specific issues or topics that are of interest to you, please let him know.