Frank Rotella – A Practical Approach to Business

The Legal Supplement is focused on making business owners aware of different legal issues.  Talking to business owners about actual legal issues that he or she experienced is an effective way to create awareness.  One such business owner is Frank Rotella.  Frank’s company, Rofami, Inc., is a diverse New Jersey based company in the fitness, […]

Is Permitting The Sale to Anthos In CrossFit’s Best Interest?

On July 28, 2012, message boards on blew up regarding a potential sale by a non-managing equity partner to Anthos Capital, a venture capital firm.  Since then, a Facebook fan page  and a blog  have been created, the latter offering developments in the case.  But what exactly is going on?  There are two litigation […]

Personal Trainer Job Boom Raises Questions About State Licensure Requirements

Catherine Rampell with the New York Times wrote an article several months ago about the personal trainer job boom and the cross-section of people joining the ranks.  Ms. Rampel raised an interesting point that barriers of entry to personal trainer jobs are low because the number of organizations certifying newbies are plentiful, and the process is […]