The Legal Supplement (“Our,” “We,” or “The Legal Supplement”) Privacy Policy explains to users what information is collected, the reason it is collected and how you can opt out from this information being collected.  Users are required to read through The Legal Supplement’s Privacy Policy, responsible to understand the terms and the risks associated with using The Legal Supplement.

Users have the right to opt out of his or her information being collected or turned over to third parties when required by not posting content to The Legal Supplement.  We reserve the right to modify the terms of our Privacy Policy at any time.  Users are responsible for reading the most updated Privacy Policy before using The Legal Supplement.

1.  Information that you provide to us – “Personal Information

The Legal Supplement does not require users to establish user accounts before submitting/posting content to The Legal Supplement.  However, The Legal Supplement does require the name and e-mail of any user who submits content.  But The Legal Supplement permits a person to use a name and e-mail address to avoid identification.  In fact, users should not reveal personal identifying information about himself or herself, including specific facts when discussing a legal issue, to avoid any party with adverse interests from identifying the user.

 2.  Cookies

We use session cookies to identify you and save your preferences.  We use third party analytics (i.e. Google Adwords) that utilize cookies to track your interaction with our blog (i.e. persistent cookies).  And third parties have access to the cookies to generate leads for fitness, health and wellness products and services, for their marketing purposes and to display advertisements on your browser.  Cookies put a text file on your computer that identifies a particular user and tells us how you use The Legal Supplement.

We reserve the right to use these cookies, web beacons, clear gifs, or web bugs to make sure you are who you say you are and to ensure our GREAT SUCCESS!  You may be able to disable certain types of cookies, but if you do you may not be able to use The Legal Supplement.  Therefore, you should assume that (unless the law prohibits otherwise) you must use cookies to use The Legal Supplement.

3.  Non-Personal Information Collected

We automatically collect IP addresses, browser type, website usage, OS type and general geographic location.  This information is also collected by third party hosting companies.  As noted in provision No 1, we also collect names and e-mail addresses, at user discretion, with user submitted content.  The Legal Supplement maintains and logs this information for at least a period of three years beginning from the date of submission.

The Legal Supplement records and logs user information to comply with applicable federal and state law, including 17 U.S.C. § 512.  A user can opt out of his or her information being collected or turned over to third parties when required by not submitting content to The Legal Supplement.

4.  How Your Information May Be Used

User information is collected and used for The Legal Supplement’s analytics and other internal purposes such as assistance in improving the blog.  As noted above, certain information is collected and is available to third parties for purposes of marketing and advertisements as set forth in provision No. 2.  And we use your information to prosecute or defend any disputes involving The Legal Supplement or if required to produce by law as set forth in provision No. 6.

5.  Information Safekeeping

The Legal Supplement uses different measures and technologies to protect your personal information and payment information.  The Legal Supplement values the protection of this information.  But The Legal Supplement cannot and will not guarantee nor insure that this information will never be accessed in an unauthorized manner.  You assume the risk that by providing personal information and non-personal information to The Legal Supplement, that this information may be accessed in an unauthorized manner despite The Legal Supplement’s precautions in protecting this information.

6.  Release of Information for Legal Reasons

The Legal Supplement may release information concerning you and your use of the blog for legal reasons.  This includes subpoenas, court orders or reasonably needed to prosecute/defend any dispute involving you that arises from this Privacy Policy, Terms of Use or any other duty or obligation created by your use of The Legal Supplement.  The Legal Supplement will attempt to notify you in the event a subpoena is received requesting your non-personal information by sending an e-mail to the address used in connection with submitting content.  But the Legal Supplement disclaims any duty to notify you and The Legal Supplement is not liable to you for any injuries or damages allegedly caused by the failure to notify you.  See provision No. 10 to The Legal Supplement’s Terms of Use.  We may also release your information with your written consent.

7.  Transfer of Information

The Legal Supplement does not sell or transfer any user information to third parties without your written consent.  Only data collected by cookies is freely available to third parties as set forth in provision No. 2.  Otherwise, another user or third party must present The Legal Supplement with a valid court order or subpoena as set forth in provision No. 6.


The Legal Supplement intends to comply with the California Business and Professions Code §§ 22575-22579, created by the Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003.  If you are a California resident, you can request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to any third parties for their direct marketing purposes.  Various provisions throughout this Privacy Policy address requirements of the Act.   To obtain information about our Privacy collection practices in regard to California law, you may request a copy of our privacy information free of charge once per year.  To obtain our privacy information please email us at

8.  Amendments

The “Amendments” paragraph of our Terms of Use is hereby incorporated by reference into this Privacy Policy and applies to any amendments that we may make to this Privacy Policy.

9.  No Collection of Information From Minors

This website is intended to be used by people the age of 18 and older.  We comply fully with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States, in addition to all Canadian and EU privacy laws.  We do not allow any users under the age of thirteen to use our service.  However, if you become aware of the existence of a user who is under the age of thirteen, contact us immediately.  If you have been reported as being below thirteen by another person, we may request a copy of your photo ID as a condition of your continued use of our blog.